Blood network is an initiative to create a network of friends and families to facilitate the prompt and easy reach of the 'gift of life' -  Blood .
A life - threatening moment with fear of losing someone pushed us to think of Blood Network as a clear need for anyone in a similar situation.

We reflected that a pizza reaches faster than most essential life savers like an ambulance, police. Why not Blood - only thing that can save a person's life? The delays are inevitable because we realized we are so 'unaware'.

Ask yourself – “Do you know the blood group of the people you meet every day, your best friends and family?” - They will be the only ones you will call in an emergency.

Blood Network connects people with their friends on FACEBOOK according to their blood groups across the world. It will help you to reach set of friends and family members of a particular blood group directly within seconds. In case of an emergency you will not lose that precious time and save a life.

How it works?

Blood Network works on a simple concept of connecting all your friends on Facebook as per their Blood Group. This will help easy access to the right person when they need blood in emergency and without wasting any time. Since the people are one of your friends or family, this will help them to understand better the urgency and to act upon it,

How can I be part of Blood Network?

  • Go to the REGISTER YOUR PROFILE page This is Mandatory to access  FIND DONOR option

  • Fill Your details and Submit

  • INVITE YOUR FRIENDS  so that the probability of finding the right person is maximum – This application can only work best if more and more people are registered into the same

  • Go to  FIND DONOR  to search for particular blood group and place where you need it

Please update your CURRENT LOCATION in your Facebook profile always, so that person in need can have correct information in case of emergency